Thursday, 13 October 2011

Garden skills undervalued

I have seen so much demise in gardens this year. All by homeowners that think having a gardener is lavish and costly. They know how to do it themselves you see. Or think they do!

However their lawns and hedges are nearly dead now. All due to the fact they failed to spot the warning signs. Easy signs to spot, especially by the knowledgeable gardener. Lovely lawns ravaged by chafers. Beautiful conifer hedges sucked dry by aphids. Clipped Laurels riddled with shot hole disease. All for the sake of saving money on a professional. Years of self manicure erased in one season of thrift.

Now some money will be thrown at turf because the lawn is dead. They will lay it themselves, badly, and spend endless Sundays fixing it up. I've seen it all too often. Easter weekend will commence with supermarket sweep at the 'DIY stores' garden bit. Plant slaughter initiated......

Rant over........

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