Friday, 18 November 2011

Packaging Plants for Mailing/Posting

Having posted out many plants over the years, and having my fair share of packing failures due to over enthusiastic postal workers, I came up with my own method of packing.

The basis of it is saving weight, to keep costs down, and ensuring the plant arrives in good condition. I want to keep the roots moist and the plant in good shape. Watch the video for a demo of my technique.


  1. I found this fascinating. I keep toying with selling plants by mail order and its the packaging that stops me but this has really helped - thanks

  2. Good thinking for when it's one or two plants.
    I used to work for a huge plant nursery back in the 1970's that did mail order. The plants were jammed into a box with layers of straw.
    When I saw the boxes being chucked (literally) onto the lorry, my heart used to sink!
    Thanks for sharing.